BGN Nov 2018


This Boldly Going Nowhere Retreat was held 2-4 November 2018 at Camp Wabanna.


Being present at this retreat was a life changing event. Bob and Shannon facilitated each and every one of us through a transformational process with such ease and grace. It was an indescribable adventure that goes beyond words. Witnessing the group process and change occurred right before our very eyes, and magnified each individual’s power and energy to “let go and fill up”.  Over the course of 48 hours, strangers became friends and developed into a Boldly Going Nowhere Family. I will definitely be signing up for the yearly retreat!!!

Who knew that Boldly Going Nowhere was going to be the perfect place for me to find my spiritual self? I attended my first event with no expectations, but with hopes of ending this “lost” feeling. I was lost, but now I am found. I am able to move forward and share my love and compassion for humanity without worrying about if I am caring too much. This was a life changing experience for me. Shannon and Bob are gifted angels from heaven and the program helped me empty all of the negative and filled me with so much love. The songs and music built into the program made it a magical experience and opened all of your senses. I believe you get out of an experience as much as you put into an experience and I cannot thank the other attendees for their contribution to my healing. I received way more than I had to contribute due to everyone being open and honest with themselves and fully participating. There was no judgement… just kindness, compassion, and love. It truly was a spiritual event to take 28 strangers and turn them into life long friends. Thank you for helping me find myself again.



Wabanna Camp and Retreat Center is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian ministry located on a 23-acre point where the Rhode and West Rivers converge into the Chesapeake Bay. The property was established in 1941 and has expanded its mission, activities, and facilities over the years. The name – Wabanna – was intended to be a haven for young adults from the WAshington, BAltimore, and ANNApolis areas. The on-site, full-time staff continue the original intentions and Wabanna mission with love and sincerity.

The first time Bob and Shannon visited Camp Wabanna, it was in full operations during the summer months. Swarming with 300+ young adults, staff, and volunteers, you couldn’t walk 20 feet without experiencing ear-to-ear smiles, belly laughter, curious excitement, and team-building activities which every parent would be thrilled to watch their child experience. The reminders of summer didn’t stop with activities, as there were wet beach towels, dirty flip flops, and sunglasses being dried out from the morning’s adventures. As we explored the property in the swirling energies of young adult chatter and flurry, we were told that Camp Wabanna has never turned away any child who requested attendance. They have always received donations and grants to support anyone in need of assistance, often through families who pay for an extra tuition because they know the impact the yearly experience has on their own child. It is truly a labor of love that trickles down from the founders to the campers! The views along the water are spectacular and worthy of an observer in silent contemplation. All Bob and Shannon could think about was, “This must be incredible in the calm of the winter. We have to do a winter retreat here!”