Boldly Going Nowhere. Really?

We know that you often feel like you are Boldly Going Nowhere. We all feel it. Like the constant striving never ends and you never fully arrive into any present moment. How long have you been working, reaching, scratching and kicking, striving to get there - only to realize that "this" there disappears into the “next” there? This moment turns into that moment. And you wake up years later to realize that joy has become a fantasy or just another “there”. In all of your striving you don’t notice the subtle, energy-draining effect of this cycle. Allow us to bring you to the nowHERE. The now here. The Boldly Going Nowhere movement represents the challenge question that we so often ask ourselves throughout our lives, “What am I doing?” Not in a literal sense, but in the grander consciousness. So often, the answer is simple, “I need to slow down before I go any further.” The tagline – From Striving to Arriving – was borrowed from a Wayne Dyer presentation to remind us that we cannot arrive at, or enjoy, this moment when we are constantly striving to get to the next. Boldly Going Nowhere has a clear intention: to bring you to HERE. Whatever “here” needs to be for you. A new baseline, a new start-from, a new build-from, a new foundation from which to create, experience and enjoy in joy. The point is... there is no point. Our mission is to inspire a path to HERE. A place where all is manifest, all ideas are born, all possibilities exist. A place where clarity is born, peace lives, and chaos dies. A place many have been seeking - and through perpetual seeking, have perceived it to be unattainable. This place is nowhere; this place is nowHERE. This place is where the seeker becomes the seer, the striver becomes the arriver, the questioner becomes the knower. We are a movement devoted to creating a new human experience, as a human being. If you feel like you've been running a marathon for much longer than the required 26 miles required, this is for you. Life is not a race. Life is presence. The greatest gift you can give yourself and everyone around you is presence.

Be Bold. Go with Us. Arrive nowHERE.

Your Facilitators

Boldly Going Nowhere Retreats birthed through the ageless lyricism of a musical mystic and the visionary healing of a shamanic presence. Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer are partners in life and mission. Bob and Shannon were successful in the business world before devoting their talents wholly to transformational service. Bob was a top-performing sales executive with a degree in psychology. Shannon graduated with a degree in environmental engineering and navigated complex technical, international program management and team-building for the Department of Defense. Bob and Shannon bring their real world experience to soothe and heal the drama and stress of work-home environments. They share experiential learning and self-development tools using Bob's original inspired songwriting as the basis for their retreats. Shannon adds harmonies and together they weave their intuitive genius into music, breathwork, shamanic ceremony, meditation, teachings, discussion, creativity, silence, contemplation, and heartFULL activities that create experiences that are beyond the human language descriptors. Together they redefine evolving self-awareness and consciousness through deeply experiential events that lead to personal growth, transformational development, and life-skills mastery. Audiences are expertly led through a personal journey of greater awareness magnified by group participation. Each Boldly Going Nowhere event is unique and packaged as a way to share lessons, experiences, teachings, integrations, and life as they both have grown individually and together. As one transforms, we all transform. Learn more about Shannon at and Bob at

  • SB, Retreat Attendee

    Who knew that Boldly Going Nowhere was going to be the perfect place for me to find my spiritual self? I attended my first event with no expectations, but with hopes of ending this “lost” feeling. This weekend challenged me to experience new things and to look deep into myself. Most importantly, to get out of my head…my mental space. This weekend reminded me that the only thing that matters is love and that if I am a loving and compassionate person then the spirit is within me. I was lost, but now I am found. This was a life changing experience for me. Shannon and Bob are gifted angels from heaven and the program helped me empty all of the negative and filled me with so much love. It truly was a spiritual event to take 28 strangers and turn them into life long friends. Thank you for helping me find myself again.

  • Cheryl DeDecker, Founder, Compass Coaching and Hypnosis

    Experiencing Bob and Shannon working together is an amazing display of synergy! Their individual strengths magnify when they work as a team to create a healing space for personal transformation. They manage to help participants bond and share at a very deep level.

  • MS, Retreat Attendee

    Being present at this retreat was a life changing event. Bob and Shannon facilitated each and every one of us through a transformational process with such ease and grace. It was an indescribable adventure that goes beyond words. Witnessing the group process and change occurred right before our very eyes, and magnified each individual’s power and energy to “let go and fill up”. Over the course of 48 hours, strangers became friends and developed into a Boldly Going Nowhere Family. I will definitely be signing up for the yearly retreat!!!

  • Richard, Retreat Attendee

    I can heartily recommend Bob and Shannon to anyone seeking an increase in life expansion and overall health/wellness

  • Bob Hoffman, President, The Masters Circle

    My name is Dr. Bob Hoffman and I am the President of The Masters Circle; a company dedicated to raising the standards and the consciousness of wellness doctors worldwide. At my annual conference, we had 17 world class presenters and that included Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer. They were beyond awesome. The response from the attendees was nothing short of epic and they instantly connected with their energy, values, perspective and loving vibration. What makes Bob and Shannon so amazing is their deep understanding of the human spirit and their ability to communicate the true essence of that to their audience. They are healers of the heart and would add so much to your next event as well. I give them my highest endorsement.

  • PH, Retreat Attendee

    Bob and Shannon created a loving, caring, safe space for me to explore what I really wanted in life and gave me tools to put things in action so I can live my life to the fullest and on purpose.

  • Bonnie Bauer, DeWitt Chiropractic

    Your spirituality, music, and your giving presence made us feel cacooned in love.

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